The Toiletside UGH!

Let The Toiletside UGH! keep you company in your most private and comtemplative times, let it be your friend during those most humbling of human activites. Just turn the pages and let everything go!All in color for… a quarter? A quarter of a Benjamin anyway! Read the novel-length epic of the Bad Little Boy as he faces the sinister Boogyman! Dread the ground-breaking menace of The Dirt! Travel to the past with The Flying F*ck to solve a prehistoric mystery—a rare case of the Apathetic Avenger in actual action! Sergeantstein and his Maraudin’ Monsters enter REAL Lovecraft Country in a macabre showdown between two of the most famous Weird Writers! The Night Gaunts fly in a Morbid Classic Illustrated with a twist ending! The indomitable Tuxford Noodlefactor and faithful Hounduu meet the challenge of the SUPER-HUMANS! Tyranostar, King of the Dinosaurs, reveals his stunning origin! All this plus the return of John Stanley’s Melvin Monster await you in this spectrum-shattering ALL COLOR bonanza! No tint or hue has been spared to bring forth this prismatic panoply of pulse-pounding parables!So enjoy a ringside seat with The Toiletside UGH!

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