Stark Staring UGH!

No masks or gloves required! Your freedom in intact and you may confidently and safely “Spread the Weird” because STARK STARING UGH is upon you! Read stunning stories wherein Frankenstein’s Monster turns the tables on the stupid villagers at last, a humble cowboy fights hybrid Dinosaur-Monsters on a science fictional space ranch, little Jimmy Waltermitty goes deep into a puddle and a pond to discover aquatic terrors and a sunken Ghost, Dragons soar and roar, a sculptor sculpts the Unknown, Devil Kids visit the surface world for Halloween fun, Aliens decide whether we live or die, seven sinfully deadly Dwarfs pine for a pretty human girl and Nazis raise Dinosaurs to conquer the world on an island that time may not even have known about! All this is more can be found in the spectacular third collection of VonShollywood comics. Get yours before you’re a moment older!

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