Spinecrawler 2021: Remastered Director’s Cut

SPINECAWLER is a trip! Have a hit- it will make you see things. The story concerns a young girl who goes to the big city to save her sister from an insane artist who has a secret. Here’s how he puts it:
“We are the aliens.”

Life first came to this planet as a species of space-traveling articulata. They populated the empty oceans and brought their embryonic livestock with them. They evolved alongside our ancestors and colonized the seas, land and air, reaping their fleshy harvest as they did.
As fish moved onto land, growing lungs and legs and muscular bodies so too did the mighty arthropods, keeping pace. Eventually their prime crop, human beings came into the form we know and the many-legged masters moved down into the unknow spaces of earth’s core while reaching their final incarnations.

In myriad unguessed forms they wait, dormant, warmed by magma, for the reaping. In that time, they will rise and consume what life remains above and resume their cosmic wandering. Their tiny but ubiquitous cousins roam the earth as ants, fleas, mosquitos, spiders and so on, feeding on us and on carrion as well as each other, in miniature iterations of the horrors yet to come.
The monstrous new forms, though largely inert, do maintain contact with select humans and allow those humans the hubris to confer significance to themselves. A distillation of their venom, the drug known as Spinecrawler, allows telepathic communion and nightmarish glimpses of the truth to an unlucky few.

If you’d like to try some, while you can, I know a guy who knows a guy…
Arne Bosk

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