Gentlemen Prefer UGH!

Vonshollywood’s posh production, GENTLEMEN PREFER UGH!, is now available to all audiences, although we do prefer those with elevated mental horizons. Here’s a taste of the high-concept entertainment you will find therein:Sinbad the Sailor meets Abdul Alhazred and embarks on a voyage like no other to Lovecraft’s Nameless City! It’s Prehistoric Party time as dinosaurs imbibe and become intoxicated! Take the shaky-cam tour of the weird woods wherein the Blur Witch holds sway! IT came not from Outer Space but Beneath the Sea and may Challenge if not even Conquer the world in the siege of the egregious Engulfers! Tiny rubber saurians pull a boy into their plastic panorama! Can the lad survive the perils of The Playset? There’s friction in the retro-fiction where the zone we visit is one of eternal twilight! Is it “GMO” or is it “OMG”? Watch what you eat and watch out that it doesn’t eat you. It’s organic… but so are we all! Ugbert Underbelly, a monster boy, goes to a monster farm for the summer to visit his creepy country cousins! Eldritch doings in the Old West ensue as the Shadow Harvesters roam the night! See things swell and grow in graveyards. See things you’ll hope never see you! A post-planetary plague and tectonic disaster find a science-fictional Jason and a golden fleece in the New California Islands where mad science has never been madder! No dress code is in effect, over the strenuous objections of some of our founding members, but decorum is encouraged while reading this prestigious volume. Feel free to order now and let us have no more of this crass commercialism!

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