Garden of UGH!

It’s true! He’s back! Pete Von Sholly is back with another crop of scintillatin’ seeds that have taken root in THE GARDEN OF UGH! Beware, for strange things will soon walk among us! Or we among them. Or something. Anyway— SEE your old UGH!/MORBID favorite Harry Hauser deal with the armored and inarticulate TURRETEERS, torn screaming from the pages of COMIC BOOK NERD for your sci-fi action/entertainment! Thrills abound as they battle those dreaded space bikers, the Black Hole’s Angels—and, even worse, the smarmy “suits” at a Hollywood studio! Meet the gritty new anti-hero and anti-villain THE CORPSE as he brings his brand of justice to a racially torn city! You always knew there was something weird about totem poles—find out just how weird in TOTEM! Drink up!..


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