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Preparing a bunch of material for new online shop. Books and comics available in hard copy and digital form. Some cool long out of print stuff and some brand new unpublished material. S’gonna be way cool! The MONSTERBOOKS are a career retrospective of yours truly- with storyboards, comics, concept design, and lots of unpublished stuff.…
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Seabreeze is a GOD when it comes to web development and education. (Emphasis on blasphemy)

You can visit his professional page on Facebook at

This is my second post/blog entry/news item!

When dinosaurs started having feathers and were seen as more and more birdlike (and in fact birds became synonymous with dinosaurs) I wondered if they might sing like birds.

I am learning how to manage my new website! It’s hard! Help me…

This is my first news item put here by myself and let’s see how it goes.