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  • Pete Von Sholly’s MORBID Volume 2: Dead But Not Out

    Pete Von Sholly’s MORBID Volume 2: Dead But Not Out

    Volume 2 in the 3 part ongoing MORBID series by Artist Pete Von Sholly    

  • Pete Von Sholly’s MORBID Volume 1: Spreading The Weird

    Pete Von Sholly’s MORBID Volume 1: Spreading The Weird

    This is part of an ongoing series of works by Wrtier/Artist Pete Von Sholly. The Pete Von Sholly’s MORBID books contain his digital “fumetti” horror and science fiction stories including several not published in the original Dark Horse editions. These are what he calls “live action comics” incorporating photographic elements with sculpted monster figures and […]

  • Garden of UGH!

    Garden of UGH!

    It’s true! He’s back! Pete Von Sholly is back with another crop of scintillatin’ seeds that have taken root in THE GARDEN OF UGH! Beware, for strange things will soon walk among us! Or we among them. Or something. Anyway— SEE your old UGH!/MORBID favorite Harry Hauser deal with the armored and inarticulate TURRETEERS, torn […]

  • Spinecrawler 2021: Remastered Director’s Cut

    Spinecrawler 2021: Remastered Director’s Cut

    SPINECAWLER is a trip! Have a hit- it will make you see things. The story concerns a young girl who goes to the big city to save her sister from an insane artist who has a secret. Here’s how he puts it: “We are the aliens.” Life first came to this planet as a species […]

  • All You Need is UGH!

    All You Need is UGH!

    Another collection! More of the same- only different.  If MAD and CREEPY had a baby…  

  • This Island UGH!

    This Island UGH!

    Welcome to the planet! Caltiki’s Lovecraftian cousin loves it here, ravenous black holes seek us out From Beyond Beyond, rent gets paid or you get hunted down like vermin by the super-rich in their walking war machines, shtick around for punchlines and puns to die for, mummies no longer fester in the earth but rise […]

  • Gentlemen Prefer UGH!

    Gentlemen Prefer UGH!

    Vonshollywood’s posh production, GENTLEMEN PREFER UGH!, is now available to all audiences, although we do prefer those with elevated mental horizons. Here’s a taste of the high-concept entertainment you will find therein:Sinbad the Sailor meets Abdul Alhazred and embarks on a voyage like no other to Lovecraft’s Nameless City! It’s Prehistoric Party time as dinosaurs […]

  • The Toiletside UGH!

    The Toiletside UGH!

    Let The Toiletside UGH! keep you company in your most private and comtemplative times, let it be your friend during those most humbling of human activites. Just turn the pages and let everything go!All in color for… a quarter? A quarter of a Benjamin anyway! Read the novel-length epic of the Bad Little Boy as […]

  • Stark Staring UGH!

    Stark Staring UGH!

    No masks or gloves required! Your freedom in intact and you may confidently and safely “Spread the Weird” because STARK STARING UGH is upon you! Read stunning stories wherein Frankenstein’s Monster turns the tables on the stupid villagers at last, a humble cowboy fights hybrid Dinosaur-Monsters on a science fictional space ranch, little Jimmy Waltermitty […]

  • Dinosaurs These Days

    Dinosaurs These Days

    Pete Von Sholly’s DINOSAURS THESE DAYS Dinosaurs These Days is a fun and funny take on what things might be like if dinosaurs and some of their prehistoric friends were still around today. They might tear up the couch, get fleas and catch frisbees, need “the cone” when they’re hurt, chase the mailman and so […]